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Features - October 2009

Intermountain Contractor October 2009

Intermountain Region’s Top Design Firms of 2009

Intermountain Contractor’s 2009 rankings of the Top Design Firms in the Intermountain region include architectural and engineering firms in Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Full Story >>

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Designing in Partnership – An Intimate Friendship

As an architect,my role is to be the creative force in realizing our client’s vision. As a partner at Beecher Walker, my role is to mentor our team to understand this special partnership that must be built with our clients.
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Integrating Urban Design Practice – Future Needs and Trends in Urban Development

Yogi Berra,former Major League Baseball player and manager, said , “You can observe a lot by just watching.” Jane Jacobs, one of the great city planning minds of the 20th century, also had a lot to say about observing, and used her time spent watching how people use cities as a major influence in how to plan cities.
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Structural Contribution to LEED

As owners and developers become more energy and environmentally conscious, design teams are required to carefully implement sustainable design principles.
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Oscillation-Drilled Shafts

Drilled shafts are nothing new in the bridge construction industry; along with pile foundations, drilled shafts are one of the two most common foundations used to secure large structures like bridges. Full Story >>

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