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Cover Story - August 2005

Top Subcontractors 2005

Our annual Top Subcontractors rankings provide a glimpse into the status of a wide range of specialty trades working in Utah and Idaho. This year we also hear from the top three leaders in the electrical and mechanical specialties about their perceptions of the market and trends in the industry.


The survey information was compiled from data provided by the sub contractors themselves in response to surveys. The rankings reflect revenues for the 2004 fiscal year for projects completed in the subcontractor's home state as well as earnings from all projects regardless of location.

Intermountain Contractor wishes to thank those companies that participated in this year's survey.

Top Electrical Contractors

Cache Valley Electric again tops this year's list and celebrates 90 years in business. Wasatch Electric maintains runner-up position completing diverse projects like the Payson Power plant and the BYU indorr practice facility.

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Top Mechanical Subcontractors

BeIntermountain Contractor contacted representatives from the top three mechanical subcontractors regarding their recent work, new developments at their companies and plans for the future

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