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Intermountain Construction’s
Best of 2008 Awards

Green Building Project – Merit Award

Higher Education Project – Merit Award

Utah Valley University Library

The UVU Library is the first completed project owned by the State of Utah to be modeled according to the DFCM’s High Performance Building rating system. According to the DFCM, this is the most energy efficient building the state of Utah currently owns; calculations indicate that it is 40% more energy efficient than code-minimum design and construction requirements.


The new 190,000-sq-ft facility is a showpiece for the newly designated university and will eventually anchor a quad that will emerge as new construction increases on the growing campus. The library has several “wow” features, including a pair of hosting rooms said to have some of the best views in all of Utah County.

A high-performance glass was chosen with a high level of desired heat resistance and light transmittance. From inside, the glazing itself appears clear and views to the outside are clear also. From the outside, the glazing appears green because of applied coatings for solar control.

The project features augmented Category 6 data cabling, which was specified on the project even before it was ratified as the new industry standard. In addition to delivering 10 GB Ethernet to the desktop, the cabling helped to “future proof” this high-tech building.

This project represents the largest continuous concrete pour ever done by crews from Layton Construction. The nine-hour pour required more than 300 truckloads of concrete from four batch plants to fill a 3-foot thick, 30,000-sq-ft matting to support the library. The concrete was poured on top of 1 million pounds of reinforcing steel that hold loads up to 5,500 lbs of pressure per sq in.


Project Team
Owner: State of Utah DFCM; Utah Valley University
GC: Layton Construction
Architect: Cooper Roberts Simonsen Associates
Design Architect: Alspector Architecture
Civil: Psomas
Electrical: Spectrum Engineers
Mechanical: Colvin Engineering
Structural: Dunn Associates
Soils: RB&G Engineering, Inc.
Key Subs: Child Enterprises, Inc., Firetrol, Granite Mill, H&H Fireproofing Inc., Linford Contract Glazing, Professional Painting, Inc., Rydalch Electric, Inc., Sanpete Steel, Western States Mechanical
Submitted by: Layton Construction


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